IEM and Benshaw Testimonial

IEM is more than a motor repair company. We also sell motor related products representing many of the biggest and best-known companies in the world. We have professional alliances with manufacturer’s representatives and often work together to better serve customers in our collective territories. Our Oregon account manager teamed up with the regional Benshaw representative and made sales calls in the Portland Oregon metro area.

One of these meetings took place at a water treatment and distribution plant. The water treatment district is made up of 4 city water districts and provides clean water to the industries and 442,000 residents within this jurisdiction. The treatment plant has QTY 3, 1,000 horsepower vertical pump motors all critical to the daily operation of the facility and connected to Benshaw soft starts over 30 years old. These motors produce the lions share of the thirty-two million gallons of water produced daily. During our walk thru and inspection of the pumping plant the Benshaw representative noted that the three soft starts were obsolete and no longer being supported with spare parts. This caught all by surprise and even though the equipment was still operating fine, there was valid concern about the consequences of an equipment failure. Together Benshaw and IEM quickly evaluated the working parameters and soon proposed replacing all three soft starts with new UL certified ones from Benshaw.

Our quoted proposal was turnkey, so the water district wouldn’t have to worry about involving several different companies to complete this project.  We would provide the engineering, the equipment, the removal and disposal of the existing equipment and installation of the new. This included expanding the soft start equipment concrete base and associated seismic study. We provided technical support prior to winning the job to assist their key purchasing and engineering personnel in understanding all aspects of this project.  By thinking ahead IEM was able to help a customer address an issue ahead of time rather than reacting to a failure in the middle of the night.

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