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Our expertise in repairing electric motors make us an ideal partner for supplying both low and medium voltage motors to our customers. IEM has a huge variety of motors ready to ship at a moment’s notice. Our large warehouses in Washington, California, and Alaska complement our relationships with the major manufacturers that we work with daily. We know that time is money, and you need to be up and running at all times. That’s why we are available 24/7/365 for all of your motors needs.

Have an older motor or a tough application? Let our application and mechanical engineers have a look at the issue. We design our own custom base plates to help transition from obsolete motors to standard off the shelf offerings. This saves on repair costs, lead time, and headaches.

Whether you are planning a new installation, an upgraded replacement, or are in an emergency down time situation, IEM’s experienced staff and motor diversity has made us the “first call” vendor of choice. What’s your toughest problem that keeps you up at night? Let’s start there.

Product Spotlight:
GE Quantum Series motors

GE’s Quantum series of motors fits in nicely as an Above NEMA motor that meets and exceeds industry standards. They are built to withstand extreme and hard conditions in the roughest industries. We like the Quantum’s because they are high performing, readily available, and have a unique frame design that allows more airflow to dissipate heat. This means cooler operating temperatures and greater heat distribution.

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ANEMA Motors

IEM provides above NEMA motors for our customers in every industry.  Our expertise in API 541/547 make us a trusted...
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Vertical Motors

IEM has a large volume of vertical hollow and solid shaft motors from the leading manufacturers in stock.
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Medium Voltage Motors

IEM has a significant stock of medium voltage motors available.  With a wide variety of the most commonly used motors...
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Low Voltage Motors

IEM has warehouses full of low voltage motors for any application.
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